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Name and Brand Generator 1.6

It is the next-generation resource for brainstorming and branding
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Name&Brand Generator is the next-generation resource for brainstorming and branding. Generate thousands of possible names with a simple click.
Main features:
- Easily generate new names: With over seven different naming tools, you will always have a list of new ideas at your fingertips and can cut out any names that don't make sense before saving your results in the Name Vault. Includes a database of over 100,000 unique names and words
- Find out if your names are available: Use the Name Checker to quickly find out if your name is already taken. You can even register your name for use as a Web site, and secure it as a trademark or copyright using our partner
- Perform industry searches: : Easily find unique names or common words associated with specific industry sectors.
- Discover name attributes: Easily find unique names or common words associated with actions and emotions.
- Combine words for unique names and phrases: Instantly combine parts of words to create new names you can use in your business.
- Get creative with letter synthesis: Name&Brand Generator will produce new names based on specific letters and numbers you enter into the system.
- Perform word binds:: Add your own words and names to the beginning or end of other database lists.

- Create unique acronyms: Recombine the first letters of two or more words to create entirely new names.

- Deconstruct names: Name&Brand Generator breaks down names into word parts, allowing you to recombine into new and unique names.

- View blacklists: Name&Brand Generator searches for lewd or offensive words in different languages

- Easily view and review: Print lists of potential names to evaluate and review with others

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